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French immersion program: A typical day in the south of France.

French immersion South of France


7 o’clock: Wake up in your host family and early breakfast. The kids are going to school, and so are you ! Your first exchanges of the day around tea or coffee.


8:30 Training time ! You meet up with your teacher in our school located in the centre of Montpellier (it’s actually in the modern “Antigone” district, built by famous catalan architect Ricardo Bofill).


8:45 Business French. After a quarter of an hour of small talk and warm up, your French language immersion program starts for good. Your French trainer will walk you through a sequence of intensive practice at all 4 linguistic skills: listening, reading, speaking, writing. Every day you will focus on specific ways of structuring your sentences till you are at ease with them. You will also discuss French business vocabulary.


12:30 Lunch at long last. Your French language teacher takes you out to a friendly bistrot somewhere around town. Conversation is in French off course and you get to order the food for two.


French Immersion south of France 314:00 Business or cultural excursion. There’s a cultural or business visit planned for you in the great environment provided by the South of France ! Supposing you work in aeronautics, your French trainer might take you off to the airport, to the aviation school or to the local acrobatics club. If you work in pharmaceuticals, then what about a café with the staff of one of the larger or smaller laboratories around Montpellier ? What better occasion to practise the technical French vocabulary that relates to your job? Some days your excursion will be cultural more than business. What about a little wine tasting at one of the local vintners? How about a tour of Montpellier’s historic city centre? That will give you ample time to practise your French with shopkeepers and wardens.


18:00 Time for a break. You can get home to your host family and relax, check on your emails, Skype with your family.


20:00 French practise. Some evenings you will be having diner here and you will speak more French with your hosts. Other days there might be a surprise waiting for you. An excursion to the local theatre ? See a current French film at the cinema? Attend a conference at the local entrepreneur’s club?


At the end of the day, you will have soaked up as much French culture as French vocabulary. But most important of all, you will have had an unforgetable experience of learning French by immersion in the South of France.

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