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French Immersion Programs: Why the South of France ?

French immersion programs in south of France

Well yes, it is technically possible to organise a French Immersion Program in your home city: Zürich, Basel, Bern, Olten, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Brussels, London, New-York or Sydney... But you benefit from doing the same business French immersion program in the south of France in many ways:

  • French culture. French is not just a language, its a culture with its ins and outs, its quirks and  idiosyncrasies, its idioms, accents and gestures... And it's impossible to soak all that up if you are sitting in your office in Zürich, Hamburg or New-York. But you can if you come and study French here.
  • Speak French. With a south of France French Immersion Program, you soak in French from breakfast all the way to after diner. Our secret dream is you will start thinking in French, dreaming in French.
  • Great location. With our Business French Immersion Program, Montpellier and the south of France becomes your classroom. You learn French by walking around the medieval streets of central Montpellier. You learn French by going on a wine tasting tour with your french trainer. You learn French by attending a conference with the local Business Owner's Association, etc. To find out more, check what a typical day in the south of France might be like.
  • Cheaper. With prices for hotels, tuition and activities as much as 40% cheaper than Paris, the south of France lets you get better value for your euros, swiss francs, pounds or dollars.
  • Boost motivation. It's not hard to see where you will have a better time. Your office or the south of France ? But remember, motivation is the #1 key to learning. And if our business French trainers keep you happy, you learn better, get better results and more value out of your investment in learning French.

To find out more about learning French in the south of France, please give us a call at +33(0)499 74 22 74 and ask for Gregory or just drop us a line using our special online form.