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French Immersion Programs: learn French in Montpellier (South of France)

 French Immersion Courses

Make most of your French Immersion programs in the South of France with ID Langues in Montpellier. Our programs are run by ID Langues, a leading B2B Training Provider in Montpellier (France). They specificaly target managers, technical staff and executives who need to improve their Business French. They provide a 5 day boost to their learning of French, an immersion into the French culture and an incentive to improve their oral skills in French. They can be organised on an individual basis or for small groups of up to 6 students of similar levels of French.


Goals of the French Immersion Programs in Montpellier :

  • Class room tuition (8 h 30 / 12 h 30) : quickly improve fluency in Business French and oral communication in French (phrase construction, vocabulary, prononciation of French, use of gestures and cultural expressions within a French context. Role plays and intensive practise in French business contexts.
  • Lunches with the trainer (12 h 30 / 14 h 30): French conversation, French small talk, use of the vocabulary learnt in the morning.
  • Afternoon visits (14 h 30 / 18 h 30): Discovery of the French culture, intercultural knowledge, practise French with natives in the beautiful context of the south of France.
  • Evening Events (20 h and after) : Discover more of French culture, go to a play, cook in French, meet other people and practise speaking French in a relaxed non professional context.

Flexible programs:

  • Our French trainers can accomodate into her training requests for the vocabulary of special business areas like accounting in French, Management in French, Merketing in French, Sales in French, Human Ressources in French, etc.
  • Our French trainers will adapt the level of programs to that of the student(s).
  • Our trainer will adapt excursions and evening events to the student's centres of interest.


  • Choose between accomodation in a French person's home or in a medium or upscale Hotel.

To find out more about our French immersion programs and make most of a great week in the beautiful South of France, call Gregory at +33 (0499 74 22 74.

The profile of our Business French Trainers in the South of France

A typical day on your French Immersion Program

Our Welcome to Montpellier Workshop for Expats

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