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Montpellier: the "Welcome to Montpellier expat workshop" with our French trainer

Montpellier expat workshop

Are you new to Montpellier or to the south of France as an expat ? Have you come to work for a business here ? Have you come to accompany a spouse that is working here ? Make your life easier and integrate faster with our "Welcome to Montpellier Expat Workshop". With our business French trainer (and in case you are really begining in French, she also speaks English, German and Danish) make most of a one week programm:

  • To brush up on your French and improve your fluency in French through 7 hours of daily conversation with our business French trainer.
  • To explore all the facets of successful integration into our wonderful mediteranean city:
    • Get to know the city of Montpellier, its geography, its districts. Find your way around - and that can be complex on foot in Montpellier's maze of medieval streets. And complex when driving around Montpellier complex urban sprawl.
    • French administration: Find out all you need to know about living in France, working there, paying your taxes, etc. Understand the basic tenets of how the French relate to their "administration" and understand how you fit in as a foreigner.
    • Housing: Discover what your options are as to where you want to live. Go round different districts that fit your needs, your tastes, your budget. Figure out real estate agencies, all the intricacies of buying / renting a flat and setting up house.
    • Health: Understand the French health system and how to join.
    • Schooling: Discover your best options for a schooling in French or an international schooling.
    • Activities for the kids, for the family, things to do, outings and fun.
    • Your social life in Montpellier, making friends, integrating.

Immersion into the French language and the south of France

The workshop starts with a half day during which you get to know our French trainer and to explain the specifics of your situation. Why have you come to Montpellier ? How many people are you bringing with you ? What are your particular needs and centres of interest ? From there on the program of the workshop will be constantly adapted to your specific needs.

Our French trainer will take you everywhere she thinks you really need to go. Districts you need to visit, schools you would like to find out about, administrations you need to initiate contact with. She has extensive experience working for businesses both in Montpellier and abroad and will be able to help you with just about any question you might have.

You will get a comprehensive 87 page manual with all you need to know about integrating into Montpellier.

To find out more about our special one week Welcome to Montpellier Expat Workshop, please give us a call at +33(0)499 74 22 74 and ask for Gregory or just drop us a line using our special online form.

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